Widener University Archives Catalog


How to do a Keyword Search 


To do a basic keyword search in the top search box:

  1. Type in words that you want to be sure will appear somewhere in your results.

  2. Click the Submit Query button.
  3. Records that meet your criteria are displayed.

  4. Example:  Typing the words football championship into the keyword search box will bring up records with both of these terms somewhere in the record, but not necessarily together as a phrase.

  5. To do more complex keyword searching, follow the instructions below.

Finding words and phrases in a keyword search:

To find



both words, anywhere

the words or phrase separated by a space

football championship

(brings up records with both football and championship mentioned somewhere in the record)

words together, in order

a phrase within quotes

"football championship teams"

(brings up records that only have the words "football championship teams"

as a phrase, not as separate individual words)

either word

OR between the words or phrases

football OR championship

(brings up records with either of these words mentioned in the record)

variations of a word (photograph, photographs, photographer)

the beginning of the word followed by *


(brings up records with any of these words: photograph, photographs, or photographer)

one word but not another word

space-hyphen immediately before the word to exclude

Kirkbride –Chalmer
(brings up records that have the word Kirkbride in them, but not the word Chalmer)


How to do a Subject Search 


To do a subject search in the middle search box:

1.     Select a subject from the drop-down box.

2.     Click the Submit Query button.

3.     Records that meet your criteria are displayed.

4.     If you use both a keyword and a subject in your search, you will retrieve fewer results.


How to do a Title Search 


To do a title search in the bottom search box:

1.     Enter a search term.

2.     Click the Submit Query button.

3.     Only records that include your search term in the box's Title Field are displayed. This makes the results more focused than a keyword search.

4.     Example: If you enter the term "Brandywine College" in the KEYWORD search box, you retrieve over 80 results. If you do a search on "Brandywine College" in the TITLE search box, you retrieve about half that number, and the results will be more specific to Brandywine College.